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​CÁDIZ /  FIT 2020

I am from Cádiz. I´m 37 years old. 

I left Cádiz when I was 18.

I have been working in performing arts last 10 years and I never came here to show my work.

It's funny, here they love me a lot. Well, they love the one who left, but they don't know anything about who I am today.


Now that we look at each other, in this strange situation, with headphones, with a mask on ... I am going to confess a few things.


I always felt interested in emergency protocols.

In a desperate situation, life or death, instead breaking to scream and running like crazy, be able to keep calm and do that you have to do: fasten a life jacket properly, shot a flare-gun into the sky in the middle of the ocean at night... to see the surface of water lights up for an instant, the trail of smoke in the sky… and all of this in a silence of prayer, as an invocation for someone to come and help you. 

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