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(Climbing a mountain)

A personal vision about the facts happened between the inauguration of ESPACIO LABRUC and the days before closing the project. We celebrate the life as it was, and the death, because she came at the right time.  A requiem and a thanksgiving meeting.  A huge and a start shooting.

After all, why do we make the effort of climbing a mountain? It´s just to get the top and jump.

"Maybe it´s not healthy living like that. But I´m a son of my way, and I know that I´m here because I jumped... Otherwise the dancing would have ended.


This work is dedicated to all those who spend health going up on the mountain. 
When the effort against the machine is really hard, you get doubts and wonder how big is your love for this. Facing this question, if you don´t want to die, there is just one answer."

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