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We take this biological concept and translate it poetically to the vital and philosophical plane. A human being is fertile when he can give life. When his capabilities are at the optimum to bring the best that he had to his world. It´s now or never. Otherwise he will not reach the best version of himself, he will accept the life that came through. How do you live those years that will mark the rest of your life? What political gesture does the decision to procreate imply? Is a child the best we can give to the world?

The years of fertility premiered in

Naves Matadero [Centro internacional de Artes Vivas]

January 10, 2019 in Madrid.

Art Direction Emilio Rivas 

A work by La ofrenda

Performing Diego Bagnera, Ana Petite, Emilio Rivas, Mikel Flores Sancho/Clara Munilla Padilla

Technical direction Roberto Baldinelli

Executive production Ángela Santos Fernández

Video/sound assistance David Tiedra Figura

Co-production Emilio Rivas / La ofrenda y NAVES MATADERO - Centro Internacional de Artes Vivas

I don´t make the play that I want to do, I make the play that affects the world the most. Survival will come by shaking human existence, not to impress the spectators with high-level art. I'm not interested in theater, I prefer to hit the audience, because we die, because the world is over and I am a simple person with a natural spirit of survival.

I can say this because a well-executed theatrical story, with bright spots and a soft understanding is something that stays in a drawer of the mind so that it stays there and nothing else. However, if I give you something that you don't know where to keep, that burns and is corrosive ... I set you in a bigger problem, and hopefully you will come out of it with a greater determination, with a greater spirit of action. Because the other is comfortable and the comfort is what is killing us. Seeing that we die being able to have a few beers, kills us because we think that "life is two days" and then we surrender. You have to activate an alert, or at least a discomfort to get something else. I don't know if that other thing is good or positive, but the present thing has no future. Deep, strange, apocalyptic and violent images ... you must ask yourself: where does this come from? What does a society from which these images come out mean? What does a human mean blaming others for procreation? What does it mean a son blaming a father for his appearance in this world?

Emilio Rivas


[Notebook of the project The years of fertility]

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